Almost Human, Almost Perfect

Almost Human is a science fiction slash crime drama television series that first aired on November 17th, 2013. The show takes place in the year 2048 and centers on a police officer, John, and his partner, Dorian, who is a particular type of android with a frustratingly human soul. The overreaching story arc of the series follows how John works to pinpoint a terrorist organization working in his city (to whom he lost his leg), and how he and his peculiar android partner come to trust each other.

almost human 1

The first thing to stand out are the two intertwining faces of both leading men; Karl Urban as John Kennex (left), and Michael Ealy as Dorian (right). It gives the idea that they are at odds with each other by looking in opposite directions, but are not without common ground by sharing the same head space. It’s also interesting that the outlining shape of Dorian’s head shrouds John’s in darkness, suggesting a darker side to John while Dorian’s features move beyond the shadow. Not only is Dorian outside the shadow, but his bright blue circuitry-filled eyes and neon light on his cheek show that he may be the one who isn’t biologically based.

almost human 2
Dorian on the job

Expressions are important on this poster since both faces are the only focal point. Dorian’s expression is firm, even determined, but ultimately stoic and possibly robotic while John’s small smile offsets the authority with a flick of humanity. The color palette continues this theme of cool power balanced with personable warmth by using a desaturated blue that dissolves and lets in John’s lighter skin tone. Often, blue tinted posters express a thriller or dramatic action film (hard rain) while posters that are in monotone (gone girl) use it to be mysterious.


Almost Human combines blues and dull tones to suggest both action and mystery while showcasing the playoff of human nature, where both leads are only always almost human.



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